Follow me on my hair journey. This should be quite an adventure!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Been busy

Ok..... I know I said I would maintain this blog..... and I will be.  Its been 4 months since I got my loc's installed and they are looking quite nicely.  I will remember to take a picture next week when I get my hair done so you can see my progress.  Until then....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 weeks ... And Moving Right along

Ok, I'm going every three weeks to have my locs maintained.  I forgot to take pictures of the last maintenance trip to my stylist.... and it was a few days... so things weren't nice and fresh.  Decided to skip documenting that trip.

So today, I come home and get the camera all set and ready to take my head shots.  Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of yourself??

The back half of my hair is loc'ing nicely... but the top half of my hair... from my ears forward is not loc'ing.  I was forewarned that this would happen because of my hair type.  But I have patience and will persevere.

Without further addo... here are my head shots.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I took the Plunge!

I'm a bit behind with updating this blog... but I will try to do better.
On July 1st, I went to see my stylist and took the plunge.  I had her to start the loc'ing process on my hair.  It's going to take an adjustment period of my getting used to this.  She said.... keep your hands out of your hair. Yes ma'am.  So I'm trying.  I have to go every 3 weeks for retightenings because of my hair type.  She estimates that it might be 1 yr before my hair loc's ... if indeed it does its thing.
Its a bit fuzzy right now... but people say they like it.  I dunno.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  I go back next week to get my 1st retightening and to see how I've done.
But for now.... here's the pictures of what it looked like on day one.  Sorry for the crappy pictures... but I forgot to get my son to take my picture for me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

1 Week since I had my hair cut

So, its been one week... of trying out new things and seeing what I can and cannot do with my hair.  How come your hair stylists always tell you "you can do this, its easy".... ummmm no, its not.  You can never style your hair like they do.. no matter how hard you try.

So tonite, I 2 strand twisted my hair again.  I think I will not untwist it tomorrow and just wear it like this.... just because I can.  LOL!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3 .... Its Shrinking

Ok.... now, I know that anything new takes a while to grow on you.   My stylist told me that this style should last me for 2 wks.  She told me to put my bonnet on my hair at night..... when I wake up in the morning and take it off to just use a little  bit of the lotion and run it thru my hair.  Hmmmm... thats not working for me.  So I spritzed it with water and applied a little more.  So now... I have a little itty bitty afro.  LOL!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 2.... Interesting

Ok... so last nite... I put my satin hair bonnet on my head and went to sleep.  Normally things don't usually stay on my head because of the way I sleep... but this did and I'm grateful.

So, I pulled it off and went to look in the mirrow.  A bit messy.  I spritzed it and used a dab of the moisterizer that I was given.   Now how come your hair never looks like your stylist does it.  LOL!
This is going to take some getting used to.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Got my Hair Done!

This morning, I woke up early, took my shower and got dressed.  I had to drop off my dog to the kennels to get a bath and her nails clipped.  They were quite long, but bills had to be paid... so the dog had to wait.  Since I was treating myself to getting my hair done, I thought it fitting that she get a bath and her nails done too.

So, off we went.  I went back to Posse' Styling Emporium today to have my new stylist wash, blow dry , cut, rinse and style my hear into a curly natural hair pattern.  It's going to take a minute to grow on me, but I do like it.  I knew that it was going to be cut shorter than its been recently because of the unevenness.  And after the natural curling of my hair... its even shorter.

I stopped past my Thursday mid-morning charity group at Michael's and gave everyone a look at my new do.  Some didn't not recognize me.  LOL!  How funny.

Anyway, I'm going to wear it this way for a few weeks to see if this will work on me... if not, I'm going to reconsider getting the loc's put in.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Natural

For the past 8 yrs, I have not put any chemicals in my hair.  Ok... that might not be true.  I did do a Texturizer one time... but that was over 5 ys ago and I've done nothing since then.  My hair is in its natural state, but I've been hiding it under a hairpiece.... ponytail.  I'm tired of doing this and need to stop hiding my hair.  So for the past year, I have been researching natural hairstyles and how to maintain my hair.  I have considered all forms of loc'ing techniques and its still a puzzle as to whether I will or not in the end.

I've considered Sisterlocks ... but at this time ... and in this economy... I can't afford the cost of the install.  It's still on the back burner.  Who knows!!  I might come upon some money and be able to do it. 

I've considered traditional loc's and have several friends who wear their hair this way.  They've all told me to "just do it".  Am I chicken or what.  Loc'ing the hair is sort of a permanent thing.  I've heard that it can be painstakingly taken out... but do I want to go through all of that in the end if I don't like the way it looks on me.

Two nights ago, I decided to wash my hair very well, condition it and then attempt to do a 2-strand twist.  So it took me a little while to get this done.  I rolled the twists because I wanted to have a curly look in the end.  I got up the next morning and took the rollers out.... and was amazed because I'd not done this before and I was looking all cute and stuff.  LOL!

Then I started separating them.  Hmmmmmmm..... things just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.  I was so disappointed.  I finger combed my hair out ... and poof .... it was not pretty at all.  I tried everything I possibly could to make it look right and it was just not happening.  So I attempted to spritz it and see if that would work.... hahahaha... gotta laugh... for I just made things worse.  So I said, well maybe I can style it into an afro... what a joke.  My hair is not "nappy" at all.  It's a curly wavy, puffy type of hair ... that went from stringy to puffy.

So I was meeting a friend for a late lunch at 1pm.  Its now around noonish and my hair is a total disaster.  What to do??  So I spritzed it some more..... took my comb and brush... and combed it into my typical ponytail and then hid that with one of my hair pieces... and off I went.  After lunch, I found a hair salon that has a natural hair stylist and went in.  She wasn't there, but I got her number and called her to make an appt for a consultation.  Then I called a friend who wears dreadloc's in her hair to find out the name of the person who maintains her loc's for her.  I made another appt for a consultation with her for bright and early in the am.

So today, June 16, 2010 ... I went for a hair consult.  I should have taken my camera.  The stylist was very nice and friendly.  We had a very good conversation about my hair and what its not doing and what I have not done to it.  As she prepped me, she said... would you like to take off your hair.  LOL!  Ok... so off goes the ponytail.  She unbraids my ponytail and then there was silence.  She says, when was the last time you had your hair trimmed.  I can't lie... I really don't know when I trimmed it last... and yes, I know it was all sorts of lengths.  I told her about my hair fiasco from the day before..... my not so afro.  As she was examining my hair, she tells me that I have 2 textures in my hair... its not kinky... but very wavy.   We talked about hair types and how she would classify mine.   She wanted to know what size loc I was considering for my hair.  I said I really didn't know... but based on yesterdays experiment, it probably couldn't be too small.  She agreed and stated she would do some test loc's, but they would be medium in size.  She put one in the middle of my hair and 3 at the nape.  They looked quite well.  As she was explaining the process and what she thought of my hair, it didn't appear that loc'ing was going to be the route for me to go at this time.  She informed me that it might be 12 months or more before my hair actually loc'd and then again, it might never fully loc based on my hair type.

So I discussed with her the ability to be natural, but having some other type of style.  She then stated, "I'm glad you asked".  We looked at another option.  So on Thursday morning, I will be going in for her to do the "other" option and to see if this is going to work for me.  If not, I may consider doing the loc's in hopes that it does work for me in the long run.